Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the restrictions placed on church-gatherings, we are now meeting online. Please Please join us on Sunday 10AM (note the time change) through a variety of different options


1. Youtube (for casual viewers without the interaction)



2. Zoom (to join us for an interactive experience)*



We suggest you enter the Sunday online meeting at 9:30am to give yourself plenty of time to be able to set yourself up, if this is the first time you are connecting.

See below in the “Zoom Help section” for what to if you have problems with Zoom.

*kids who appear in a live stream event require parental permission, provided to Bryan


Your leader will have been given the instructions on how to host a Zoom meeting. All you will need to do is follow their instructions, or if they referred you here – follow the link



See ‘Zoom Help’ below if you need.


Installing Zoom

If you follow the link to any of the Zoom meetings above that will take you to a webpage…

Zoom Download

that will either automatically try and download a Zoom client (Zoom_7c4e1bd6378465c3.exe) or click the “download & run Zoom” link.

Otherwise, you can download the App here. Check out the Help pages here for joining a meeting. Contact Bryan if you get stuck!

Audio Problems – Solution 1 (VIDEO + AUDIO VIA TELEPHONE)

If you are finding that the audio quality (either your microphone or the speaker) is lacking, then you can also choose to connect by phone instead of using your computer audio setup. When you enter the meeting you will see the following option:

Zoom Audio

Zoom Audio 1

  1. Find the dial-in number for Australia in the drop-down menu (02 8015 6011) and dial the number on a mobile / home phone
  2. Enter the Meeting ID (507 700 6796) and then enter ‘#’
  3. Enter your participant ID as displayed in the dialog and enter ‘#’

Audio Problems – Solution 2 (AUDIO-ONLY)

If you have Internet problems, then you can dial into the Zoom meeting with a purely audio interaction:

  1. Using a mobile / home phone dial the number is 02 8015 6011
  2. Enter the Meeting ID (507 700 6796) and then enter ‘#’
  3. Press # again (without entering a participant ID)



Our two congregations of Kempsey Presbyterian Church and Church at the Rocks (South West Rocks) meet every Sunday. You can find out more about each of our congregations by following the links above. On any given Sunday you can expect

  • to hear God’s word read from the Bible
  • to listen to Bible talk that seeks to explain what was read and how we should respond
  • to spend time in prayer
  • to sing songs in praise
  • to meet a welcoming community

During the service a collection of money may take place to fund the ministries of the church. If you’re visiting, please don’t feel obliged to contribute. Of course, if you’re a regular, this great opportunity to show your gratitude to God’s grace through material giving.

During the service you will get to know some of the leaders of the church, especially those who lead, preach and make announcements. Please don’t hesitate to approach them afterwards. They’ll be very happy to answer any questions.

Afterwards, each of our gatherings offers some kind of refreshment. Please join us for morning tea or lunch.

If you have enjoyed gathering with us on Sunday, why not join us for some of our other activities during the week. Being part of the family of God is so much more than meeting once on Sunday!