Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

Our mission at Kempsey and South West Rocks Presbyterian is to:


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That is, we believe that our very reason for existence as a church family is to know Jesus, grow in Jesus, share our lives in Jesus, and go and make disciples of Jesus.

This mission arises out of our core values (see below), and it is also our way of expressing what we think God has called all His church throughout time to do, especially with the Great Commission: “to make disciples of all nations “(Matthew 28:19–20), and with the words of the Apostle Paul: “to present everyone mature in Christ” (Colossians 1:28).

Our Mission as a Pathway

At Kempsey and South West Rocks Presbyterian, we want to make our mission statement not something we’ve stuck on a wall and forgotten about, but lived and breathed as we experience church life.

As such, our mission statement also serves as our church “pathway”. What does this mean? It means that becoming part of our church is less like selecting a meal from a “menu” of options, but more like a pathway to ever-increasing maturity. So we want knowinggrowingsharing, and going to mean at least a few concrete practices:


Coming to know Jesus is what we’re all about, and we see an important way this happens by getting to know us, his people, especially by joining us at our Sunday services. This is where you will also get a chance to understand more about God through his word being explained.


God calls us to the immense privilege of growing up to be more like His Son, Jesus, and a specific way we encourage this at our church is by joining a growth group, where we help grow each other up by exploring God’s Word together.


In addition to growth groups, another way we share our lives at our church is by sharing our homes, our resources, our time and our talents, especially by getting involved in ministry, whether in more public ways like Sunday music, or more behind-the-scenes ways such as helping with administration. Sharing our lives also means that we allow ourselves to be depended upon and accountable to our church by becoming a member.


While going and making disciples of Jesus at our church looks like all sorts of things: from working on our marriages (leading people to further Christ-like maturity) and to inviting our neighbours to our homes (leading people to Jesus in evangelism) we specifically love our people to be involved in outreach programs such as Kempsey Bible Club, South West Rocks Beach Mission, Prison Fellowship, Scripture teaching, and when appropriate, committing to becoming a growth group leader.

Our Vision

We yearn for God to make our church one that is strong, vibrant and multiplying across several congregations in the Macleay Valley. We envisage this to be achieved through our relationships with God, each other and our communities.


  • We will be people who grow each other in maturity and dependence on God by knowing Him more deeply through faithful teaching and constant prayer;
  • We will be people who are so compelled by Jesus that our love and service to Him will flow out into all our relationships. As we live prayerfully and intentionally for Him, this will lead to a church that truly is family and attracts others to serving Him;
  • People in the community will come into our church family by experiencing us in deepening and credible relationships where we share our lives and the gospel, connecting them into small groups and children’s ministry. These will be our driving ministries.

Our buildings, budgets and media presence will be tools used to achieve these ends.

Our Core Values

We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. From this, we understand that God created all things, seen and unseen, through His Son Jesus Christ. He created all people to bring glory to Him and be in relationship with Him. From the first man to now, we have all sinned and chosen to go our own way and so have separated ourselves from God. God has shown His mercy to us in that whilst we deserved judgement, He now offers us forgiveness and a relationship with Him through the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ. When we repent and trust in Jesus, God gives us his Holy Spirit to live in us. This empowers us to follow Jesus, contrary to our human nature, and continue in hope until Jesus’ return. This is all to the glory and praise of God.

We therefore value:

1. God’s Word the Bible

The private study of His Word, the public hearing of his Word, the careful teaching of His Word and obedience arising from faith in His Word.

2. Prayer

Walking humbly with God at all times, both alone and with other believers, by praising Him, confessing our sin to Him, expressing our joy, grief and gratitude to Him, and demonstrating our dependence on him by presenting our requests for help, guidance, provision, and blessing according to His will.

3. Transformation and Spiritual growth

Being shaped to be like His Son, growing in every area of our lives (head, heart and hand) through the Word and by the Holy Spirit, whether in the church, at home, or in the world. This includes obedience to His Word and submission to His work in our lives.

4. Sharing our lives

Meeting together regularly, being conscious of the presence of Christ, in order to worship God and encourage one another. This includes bearing one another’s burdens, spurring one another on, showing hospitality and working together for God’s glory.

5. Mission

Displaying and proclaiming the good news of Jesus through sharing our personal lives and as a church community, in order to make followers of Jesus, whether locally or globally. We do this because we are compelled by the love of Christ and His compassion for all people including those often forgotten by the world.

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